My Two Cents on Student Politics

Student Politics in DLSU is probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my college life. Without it, I’d probably be a normal student, burning my eyebrows while aiming to be a Summa Cum Laude. I’d probably be the same person I was back in highschool: completely surrounded with my fellow Chinese friends, talking about the same thing, reacting the same thoughts and believing the same stereotypes. I’d probably be the same me, wanting so much change in things that I see, but I’d never really have a chance act upon those.

They say things change in college.

When I first stepped into DLSU, I was welcomed by all organizations, probably because they wanted my membership fee in return for me wanting their membership card. But no, during my first year, I didn’t really join and became active in my organizations. Well I did join SCA for the love of God (partly) and for the love of TREDONE. I didn’t feel the need for active org participation; I was apathetic. Plainly, I just wanted to graduate with Latin Honors. Maybe meet new friends, like a group or two. But as how I started this blog, student politics changed my life.

I was approached by both Tapat and Santugon. Actually, Tapat came first. An upperclassman invited me to join, but I said, “I’ll think about it.” The usual line you’d hear from apathetic students, that certain line that never came true. Santugon came into the picture, walked me through the so called student politics, showed me their brand of leadership, gave me everything I had to know to entice me, and gave me the lead that I am capable of making change. That was everything I wanted back then, for me to have an avenue to make a change.

But this isn’t about Santugon nor Tapat. It’s about me enjoying every bit of Student Politics in DLSU. I’m enjoying it because I know, that inside school, politics means service. It is the most innocent form of politics, a clean and friendly fight compared to what is out there in the streets. Student Politics is an avenue for maturity, that when you get involved, there’s no turning back. It is about saying yes when you mean yes, and saying no when you don’t think it’s right. It’s about taking a side and not staying in between. It’s about believing what you think is right, and fighting for it. Because you know, that you can change something. You know deep inside, that when you speak, someone will listen. And all you got to do is make them agree with you.

From being BNE2012 Batch Assembly’s Academic Operations Officer,  I was taught to get out of my comfort zones. I NEVER REALLY KNEW HOW TO PHOTOSHOP. I NEVER DID TAKE FORMAL LESSONS. IT WAS NEVER REALLY MY TASK, but it was so funny that because I don’t turn down requests that I was able to do it.

Funny how I used to put my name in everything I did just because I wanted recognition. But now, I totally despise that. The purpose of the org’s logo is because it’s a collective effort from the org, not just from you. HAHA I’ll stop there. Might even blog about it some time.
Then the next year, I became VP-Creative. Fastforward to whatever happened to me during my stay in DLSU, I can say I grew up alot. From the apathetic me, I just became the all-around-always-ready-for-you-kind-of-person. I had the avenue to do what I love, and it helped me become a better person. I became part of so many organizations, proud to have been active, and joined so many competitions. My college experiences molded me to become a better person, and everything started because of student politics.

I won’t deny it. I’ve always wanted to run, I’ve always wanted to be that person who goes room to room. I’ve always wanted to have the position. In Santugon, I am a core member so we’ve always looked for people to run. And mind you, alot of people are good. And since they’re good, I never really had the chance to run. But that didn’t stop me from giving my best. I tried running in AdCreate because I wanted it. For once, I told myself, that I wanted a position that I can own. Something I worked hard for, something that chose me. In the end, I failed myself. But no, I’m not frustrated. Else, I’m driven. I want to prove that positions don’t really matter. It’s what I do that gives me a name for myself, and I don’t need  to shout it out loud. All I need to do is find an avenue to do what I love, do it well and the rest shall follow.

Everyday as the EVP Communications of CGB, I know I do make a difference in the lives of people. I know that for every question I answer in the DLSU College of Business group, I make the lives of people easier. I know that people appreciate my efforts even if they don’t know me. I know that people respect me, not because I have the position, but because I’ve done something good to them. And everytime people message me on Facebook to ask when the enrollment is, or how the processes in the university work, it gives me a smile on my face. But not everyone knows that. Not everyone knows how many people added me on Facebook just to ask. But nobody needs to know that, because silently knowing my worth to my college is enough for me.

Alot of people ask me, why don’t I run? I’ve received so many heartwarming comments from my friends encouraging me to run, but why didn’t I if I really wanted it? Honestly, it’s because I don’t have units left “nung tinawag ako ng panahon.” Sa Santugon, sinasabi lagi na “tinatawag ka na ng panahon” pag pinapatakbo ka. Siguro nga. Pero feeling ko kasi, baka nga tinatawag ako, pero not in this way. Not to let me run, but to inspire others into making the right decisions in life. I don’t think it’s worth it for me to extend just to run even though it’s a frustration that I wish I was able to do early on.

I support the people who know how to make stands and find solutions for the problems that they see. As what I told you, I was once an apathetic student who grew up because I found an inspiration to do so. Now that I’m partisan, it still doesn’t erase the fact that I still see people based on their credentials, platform and personality. Isa rin naman ako sa naghahanap ng tatakbo, isa rin ako sa nagttrain sakanila. Isa rin naman ako sa patuloy na nagpapalakas sa kanila. Kahit di ako tumatakbo, pagnakikita ko silang nananalo or may nagagawang bago, fulfilled na rin kahit papano yung kagustuhan kong tumakbo.

So you read this blog, which makes me smile coz I know you think that what I’m saying actually makes sense. If you didn’t like what I said in the few parts, you could have stopped reading right? But you did read it up to here. So thank you. But let me tell you this.

If you believe in what Santugon does, please please please do vote for them. I’m not saying this because I’m Santugon, but because it’s your chance to actually fight for want you believe in. Bumoto ka, sayang yung chance mo. It’s your first step to be involved in Student Politics. It’s your own little step of making a difference in your life and in the lives of the people you care about. Voting means you’re matured enough to make a decision. Voting means you have a voice and you want it heard.

If you don’t know them, there’s still time for you to know who they are, where they came from, and what they can give.

But if you trust me, as your friend, as an orgmate, as a classmate, as your officer, as a fellow Lasallian, I’m assuring you, that a derecho vote is worth it. I’m asking for your vote, in behalf of my party, especially in my batch, because I never had the chance to run. But I know that these people who are running right now are way better than me, and that they deserve it more than anyone else right now. Your vote can give them the chance to show what they worked hard for.

*This blog is not, in any way, asked by Santugon to be written. This is just my point of view, which might be influenced by the Santugon trainings I’ve been through during my stay 3 year stay in DLSU. But I assure you that this is the most sincere me talking to you right now. This is what I’ve always wanted to say. And I feel this is the right time, because this is going to be my last General Elections.

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